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Semi Dedicated Web Hosting Plans & Packages

Semi-dedicated web hosting is a combination of virtual private servers and dedicated servers. We apply six set ups for one single server which increases its performance and efficiency. Thus it is in great demand.

The semi-dedicated web hosts are hosted on quad core Intel xeon processor server. We provide semi-dedicated web hosting which is very reliable and available at affordable price.

We provide you semi-dedicated server with very high uptime and a free dedicated unique IP in its plan.

In semi-dedicated web hosting we provide you advantages or we can say power of dedicated server at a much lower cost and is thus required by the people who wants or needs facilities of dedicated hosting but find its cost really high or can’t afford it.

It is very reliable as the people who share it are very less and thus high performance is shown by it. We provide you semi-dedicated web hosting with back-up services too which add to its advantages.

Semi-dedicated web hosting has a graphical user interface and thus it is very user friendly that is people with very less knowledge of it find it easy to understand.

Thus we provide a web host that is a semi-dedicated web hosting with reliability, flexibility, high quality and all of this are made available at a very cheaper or we can say affordable price.

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