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Dedicated Web Hosting Packages & Plan

Dedicated web hosting is one in which a server is provided to host your website that is it provides a cheapest way of setting up a server for your website.

Its role is to provide power back ups and to manage network and servers etc. dedicated web hosting are of two types. It can be managed or unmanaged.

In managed dedicated web hosting we will manage the server on your behalf. In this rather then only monitoring of server we will also apply security patches and updates on the server.

This is suitable or we can say it is a wise choice for those handling very large business and cannot afford any kind of down time.

In unmanaged dedicated web hosting we will provide you a short and summarized report of your server without any kind of monitoring and is suitable for those sites which are not that business oriented.

We will avail you different editions of dedicated web hosting and you can choose according to your requirements.

We will provide you dedicated web host having following features like internet protocol security, internet authentication services, virtual solutions, auto deployment etc.

based upon different editions we can provide support for different RAM sizes 2 GB,4GB,1000GB. Dedicated web hosting is flexible, has variety of features and is stable.

You should go for this if your site needs more processing power, you want to host many sites on one server or if u need some kind of special features.

Linux Gold Linux Diamond Linux Platinum
Processor Xeon E5310 Intel Q6600 Xeon E3-1220
CPU's 1.60 Ghz x 4 2.40 Ghz x 4 3.10 GHz x 4
Price From
Rs 13,200 / Month
Rs 16,500 / Month
Rs 19,800 / Month

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