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Technology has evolved and websites have had to evolve right along with it.

The majority of people who access your website today do so on their mobile phones; on the move, as they wait in queues at the bank, in buses and so on.

There is therefore increased and ever increasing need for your website to have a mobile website design so as to tailor your website for this market of mobile phone users and enable them to maximize the use of your website as you too gain from the traffic to your site.

The truth is that there are quite a number of websites which are not able to load completely (or at all) on a mobile phone.

We all know how irritating it is when you realize that you have to use a computer to access a site from which you urgently needed information.

More often than not, we just move on to seeking other sources of the information that we need.

Generally speaking, the website design used on computers is not compatible with mobile phones. Mobile website design makes use of the WAP technology.

In making your website mobile phone friendly, there may be big changes in the design, layout and construction of your website.

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