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Google Analytics setup services India


Having small business website and not using Google Analytics services is a big mistake. You are simply missing data gathering opportunities that can be helpful in increasing your sale.

Its a free service by Google that gives statistics about visitors visiting your website. Not only this Google also offers and presents advertising, conducts e-mail marketing, it also tracks visitors from all other reference sites like Bing and Yahoo. Google Analytics set up is also not so tough, just few steps and you can start.

Why to use Google Analytics

Great feature of Google is its integration with AD words, it is Google very own advertising campaign service. By availing this feature one can easily track landing page quality and the conversions. People who are not very much tech savvy for them Google have “short version” that is collected for all the website and a dashboard-style that is visible for the casual visitors.

All the data can be collected through implementation of “page tag” which is also known as Google Analytics tracking code . GATC collects the information and sends it to the Google data collection server. This facility can easily fetch up to 50 site profiles, each of them represents one website.

GATC sets the first party cookies and they are used to store anonymous user information like whether visitor is visiting your site again or not, time span of the current visit, like banner, email, keywords and search engine.

It is strongly recommended to promote your business one should use Google Analytics services if you don't have clear understanding on it then SEO companies are just a click away.

How it will work

Only few steps are necessary to get basic Google Analytics set up on a new web property and these steps are:
1. create Google account
2. installing the tracking code
3. setting up of profile
4. set your goals
5. then exclude ip addresses from domain via filter

These are small steps that all you have to do for basic catalytic’s installation, if you are tracking e commerce company then you need to set up the e commerce tracking code. By just applying these few and easy steps you can easily avoid lot of confusion later.

Advantages of Google Analytics services

If you are interested to remain in the business of internet then you can't escape from marketing and it is for sure that you will be facing very tough competition. In such a fierce compelling Google Analytics services will provide huge support. You can easily track the website by paying nothing because this tool is free of cost. It makes all the effort to fill the void in the website to make required corrections to be more customer savvy. In short it increases the number of leads.

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